Summoner Playtest

Summoners command powerful planar magics by calling and binding the spirits of the multiverse to their command. Grab your free copy of this new 5E compatible character class now, and start playtesting today.

Summoner Playtest
Photo by Denis Degioanni / Unsplash

Here you'll find the draft of the first version (which we'll call version zero anyway, because it's had zero playtesting so far) of the summoner class. It's a pretty big first draft, I've attempted to make it look as nice as possible, and the playtest volume is below for the low, low price of nothing ($0).

What you'll find in the PDF:

  • A new 5th Edition-compatible character class, the summoner, custom made for the Hanging Towers world. The summoners of the Hanging Towers bind and command spirits from the infinite worlds beyond, and this gives summoners access to great and terrible planar magics. Spirits act as counselors, living tools, mounts, and companions for summoners, and are as versatile as they are varied.
  • 5 subclasses for the summoner, each changing the playstyle of the core kit considerably. You can make your spirits combat-worthy, breed and evolve them, unlock their hidden potential, sacrifice them, or even summon the gods themselves.
  • 30 beginner spirits, or living spells. Each spirit has their own mythos, ecosystem, personality, and quirks, and 3 stages of spirit progression. Spirits work like spells which gain new effects as they level up, growing into more powerful and dangerous versions of themselves.

And that's more or less it. If you want to run or play a game with summoners, this should be everything you need to get started. You can grab it by clicking this link:

Grab a copy


Q: Is this balanced?

A: Lord, no. This has had no playtesting at all. It's probably either absurdly strong, or absurdly weak. It needs tuning, I just don't know what that tuning looks like until people start playing around with what we have so far. If you find you have any feedback or questions, please email me at

Q: Can I share this link?

A: Yes. That's fine. I've labeled this as a friends & family thing but it's quite fine to distribute. My preference is that distribution happens to include the above link so that I can gauge interest, but really I don't mind so much if you just send the file around or whatever.

Q: I have other questions.

A: Feel free to email me, my address is and I will respond as soon as I can.