All Cats are Beautiful

All Cats are Beautiful

Curled up around his own tail, the creature opened one eye, viewed the child standing before him, and then slowly closed his eye again, drawing up a wing of dappled feathers to hide his face and thus avoid further interruption of his slumber.

On the quiet island of Sarah Ann in the Pacific Ocean, home of the renowned Firmament Foundation, awkward teenager, Eirian Calohan, has come in search of the mystery of their father’s recent demise. Instead, they are confronted with the stark contrast between languid life on the tiny island and a cosmic horror unspeakable.

Together with Eirian and their new friends and you, we will explore the stories of All Cats Are Beautiful and the fascinating ecosystem of this brave new world of eldritch gods and familiar spirits. Inspired by the warm nostalgia of Pokémon and Digimon, as well as the horror of Cronenberg and Barker and the thoughtfulness of Anno, our series explores issues of queer identity and coming-of-age against a background that is often colourful and sometimes sinister yet always exciting!

Stay tuned for adventure, romance, and excitement, and help be a part of making this new universe come to life for children and adults alike!

All Cats Are Beautiful | Silver in the Second Temple


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